I love everything about paper. Since I was a child I’ve loved the smell of a new book or the sensation of writing on the first page of a new notebook. Initially my love for paper pushed me towards a writing career but this meant working mainly with computers and I missed the hands on feel of working with paper.

I love how working with paper can involve delicate work with lightweight paper or more robust pieces made from cardstock. I love the variety of paper available and the seemingly endless possibilities that paper contains. One sheet of paper could become confetti, a bouquet, a greeting card or even an airplane! The only limit is your imagination.

Making paper crafts seemed to come naturally as my life depended more and more on computers. In 2005, during a particularly stressful day in work, I made a little paper 3D Gameboy model using a template I found online. It helped reduce my stress and my co-workers loved it so I ended up making a couple more. Later that year a co-worker bought me an Origami Book for Christmas and I had great fun making decorations and little bits and bobs from it.

I continued to make small pieces until I discovered quilling in 2011. I initially made a couple of flowers which developed into jewellery and eventually became the bouquets I sell today. My love of paper and paper crafts was cemented.



  1. Cathy Laws · May 19, 2013

    I wanted to thank you for following my blog, which led me to your site! Very cute, quiling in the name of, I totally understand appreciate RATM references 🙂 In nashville, we have a female cover band, and that’s their name “Killing in the Name of” and they’re soooo good!

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