Rain rain, go away…

We’ve been having a pretty typical summer in Ireland so far. We’ve had the odd nice day but it’s been raining more often than not and the weather is so changeable! They aren’t lying when they say we get four seasons in one day here!

I decided to take inspiration from our weather for my latest project, a felt cloud mobile.


I drew out a couple of different designs before I settled on the final version. The first design had a big fluffy white cloud with lots of curves, almost like a cartoon sheep! I thought this would take me too long to cut out and glue together so I simplified the shape of the cloud a bit more.

I also wanted to put a face on the cloud to make it more appealing to children. I had planned to hand sew the face but again, this was taking me too long so I went back to a plain, simple cloud design.

Next I got to work on the raindrops. These are a simple shape and the only challenge was working out the right size. I was going to connect the raindrops to the cloud with twine but this didn’t match the overall design as well so I used ribbon instead. I’m aiming this at children or babies so I went with blue and pink ribbon. I’m going to see if I can get some yellow ribbon for expectant parents who don’t know what they’re having! I’m also going to do a version with clear or white ribbon.

The mobiles take a bit of time to make but they’re so bright and summery that I really enjoy making them!

Click here to see the mobiles in more detail on Etsy.