Taking stock

Since I officially started selling on Etsy I haven’t really had a ‘system’. My mood and what supplies I had to hand were the main deciders when it comes to making stock for the shop. I never made something because I was running low on that particular thing.

Last Thursday I did a formal stock take and got a bit of a shock! I had over 100 of one type of paper flower and only 1 of another kind. I had completely run out of other things. With three craft fairs coming up before the end of the month I had to get my ass in gear!

To figure out how much stock I needed I worked out the minimum amount I would need for one craft fair. Then I doubled that number. This gave me the absolute minimum amount of stock I needed at one time, but I aim to have more than that ready. I figure that will always give me a cushion in case I have two fairs in quick succession and don’t get a chance to replenish stock.

I’ve also implemented a new rule. In addition to my last post where I said I wouldn’t put anything on Etsy until it was perfect, I’m also not going to list anything on Etsy until I have the minimum stock created! 


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